Patient Safety First
Patient Safety First

Patient Safety First Campaign

OMA has launched the Patient Safety First campaign, which aims to highlight the unique role that doctors play in patient safety.

Campaign Purpose

Ontarians are looking for increased access to integrated health care in our province. The government is considering expanding the scope of other health care providers in response to that need. The OMA’s position is to support that change by providing advice on how those changes should be made.

Campaign Details

The campaign is comprised of a 30 second TV commercial, an online video, digital banner ads and search terms that encourage viewers to go to Here they can learn more about the role they can play in supporting doctors in ensuring patient safety comes first as the government makes changes. Through a list of key principles and a series of case studies, the OMA further highlights the importance of delivering the same standard of care for which doctors are currently accountable. We are also encouraging the public to visit the site and sign up to stay informed.

Timeline and Channels:

  • Television: A 30-second commercial aired from December 16 to 31, 2019 on CityTV, CTV, Global and CP24
  • YouTube/Facebook/Instagram: A 30 second online video ran from December 16 to 31
  • Digital Search: Digital banner ads and search terms ran on Google from December 16 to 31

Get Involved

We encourage you to visit the campaign site, watch the ad, and like and share related posts on your social media channels.

To learn more about the campaign and to see full details, please visit: