Relativity References
Learn more and get the details, information, and documents related to Relativity.
Relativity References
Learn more and get the details, information, and documents related to Relativity.

Relativity Advisory Committee education session

The Relativity Advisory Committee (RAC) held a virtual education session with council delegates, alternates and section tariff chairs on Monday, October 19, 2020. Learn more about the session.

Return on education request for proposal

The Relativity Advisory Committee (RAC) is seeking assistance from qualified candidates to conduct a study to
determine what the return on education for physicians in Ontario should be. A Request For Proposal has been posted
on View the RFP.

Fee-Adjusted Income Relativity (FAIR) report and FAQ

Summary of consultations with Sections, MIGs and Forums on future relativity approach

Intrasectional relativity survey

View the final report on the intrasectional relativity survey (PDF)

Relativity education session

The Relativity Advisory Committee (RAC) held its Education and Feedback Session on Relativity Models on May 3, 2019 at the OMA 2019 Spring Council in Ottawa. Video recordings of the different components of the session as
well as a transcript of the questions along with related answers can be accessed by clicking on the following link

Third Party Report

Council Relativity Education Session – Pre-Meeting Materials

The Relativity Advisory Committee will be providing their early progress on relativity models on Friday morning, May 3, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The session will include a presentation on the specific building blocks of different relativity models, followed by a panel discussion with RAC members. Contact for more details.
Pre-meeting materials are provided below:

2019 OMA Spring Council education material for session on relativity models

Comparison of Average Net Daily Income (CANDI)
  • Spring Council Relativity Session
  • Primer
    • CANDI Primer Power Point
    • Transcript of Presentation
  • CANDI Technical Document
Relativity Adjusted Annual Net Income (RAANI)
Ontario Resource Based Relative Value Scale (Ontario RBRVS)
U.S. Medicare Resource Based Relative Value Scale (U.S. Medicare RBRVS)

RAC Report for OMA Special Council Meeting on Relativity


October 2018

Third Party Vendor Chosen

At the at the OMA Special Council on Relativity meeting held on October 21, 2018, OMA Council carried the following
motion, “That Council approves the process to allow Sections to submit new evidence by November 30th instead of
November 5th in support of updating their hours of work data including their after-hours work activity data, as
described in the EPR communication to Sections on August 2nd and August 27th and the accompanying Frequently Asked
Questions document.”

As such the RFP was amended  to include the analysis of data relating to Hours of Work performed during daytime
Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays in addition to the after-hours work outlined previously. It also
extends the data collection period from November 5, 2018 to November 30, 2018 allowing interested Sections more time
to submit external data.  To view the Addendum please click here.

Subsequently, a third part vendor was chosen to carry out the work requested in the RFP, to view their full
submission please click here.

September 2018

In September 2018, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was posted to the website in order to obtain proposals from interested vendors who will be
responsible for evaluating the appropriateness of any and all data that comes about from Sections wishing to submit
any additional evidence and supporting arguments to update their work hours and/or out-of-hours activity.  To view
the RFP in its entirety, please click here.

August 2018

In August 2018, an invitation was sent to all OMA Section Chairs and Executives inviting them to submit any
additional evidence and supporting arguments to update their work hours and/or out-of-hours activity.  More
information about this process can be found in the links below.

  • Aug 27, 2018 Memo re: Submitting New Evidence for After-Hours Non-Elective Clinical Activity can be found here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions with regards to the call for new data on Non-Elective After Hours Work for the
    Purpose of Relativity Calculation in the CANDI Model can be found here.
    • A clarification on the Impact of Changes to After-Hours Modifiers can be viewed here.
      • The standard OMA Process for all Sections to Survey Primary Members on After-Hours Activity can be found here.
        • More details about the process itself can be found here
        • The percentage of income earned after hours by specialty currently used in CANDI calculations can be viewed here.
          June 2018 

          In June 2018, a communication was sent to the OMA Membership explaining recent developments related to relativity.  This
          included a release on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Relativity Proposal known as RAANI, OMA Board-Approved
          Revisions to the current CANDI model, the final report from the Relativity Review Committee and the announcement of the
          new Relativity Advisory Committee.

          OMA Relativity
          Government Proposal

          Relativity History

          The following outlines the recent history of the OMA’s efforts on this issue, in a descending chronological order.

          The Relativity Advisory Committee (2018 - )
          The Relativity Advisory Committee
          was struck in May 2018.  It is a CEO advisory committee comprising of 8 members (2 from each assembly) that reports
          to the CEO with a “dotted line reporting responsibility” to the OMA Board. The Committee is responsible for
          providing advice and ongoing input to OMA Board, OMA Council and the Negotiating Committee as appropriate with
          regards to relativity related issues.

          The Relativity Review Committee (2017 - 2018)
          This committee was struck in
          June 2017 with a mandate from the OMA Board of Directors to improve inter-sectional and intra-section relativity for
          medical practice in Ontario.  This included investigating relativity models in other jurisdictions, reviewing the
          OMA CANDI model and issuing a general survey to the active OMA membership to get more information on practice
          characteristics such as After-Hours activity, Overhead and Hours of Work.

          The Post-2015 Review (2015 - 2017)
          At the end of abeyance period, the Council tasked the
          Economics, Research and Analytics (ERA) department to conduct a technical review of the CANDI methodology.  At its
          Fall 2015 meeting, the Council further tasked the ERA to conduct a survey of Section leadership on their views of
          relativity in general and to solicit written input from all Sections on the current CANDI methodology.

          The Abeyance Period (2012 - 2015)
          At its Spring 2012 meeting, the Council passed the motion
          “that a review of the CANDI Relativity Methodology be initiated in three years.”

          The CANDI Relativity Implementation Committee (2009-2012)
          The mandate of this committee was to
          implement the recommendations from the RVIC Working Group, which included the initiation and oversight of research
          studies on income, overhead, and hours of work.

          The RVIC Methodology Review Working Group (2008-2009)
          The mandate of this
          working group was to review the RVIC methodology.  This working group developed a new methodology known as the
          Comparison of Average Net Daily Income (CANDI) that was approved by Council at the fall 2009 meeting, and is
          currently used for relativity purposes

          Older Material

          Relativity-Related Council Motions 2001-2017
          Post- 2015 Review Documents
          The CRIC Documents
          The RVIC Documents
          Opportunity Cost Technical Material


          For additional information, please contact:

          George Marusic, Director, Analytics

          Toll Free: 1.800.268.7215  Ext. 2899
          Direct Line: 416.340.2899